nbn Relocation

If you are unhappy with the location of your nbn box at home, you may be wondering if you can get it moved to a different part of your house. The answer is yes, it’s called a nbn relocation, and there are some things you need to know before you doing so.

What is involved

Relocating your nbn service means modifying the nbn access network infrastructure that connects your premises to the nbn network. This can include moving the aerial or underground lead-in cables, moving the nbn fibre connections, or simply relocating the nbn supplied equipment.

However, you cannot do a nbn relocation by yourself. By law only nbn and its authorised contractors can work on nbn assets and infrastructure. Any interference, including unauthorised modifications, may result in legal action. There could even be safety consequences. You may also need to contact nbn and apply for a relocation works request. This can be expensive depending on the complexity and feasibility of the work.

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So why relocate?

  • You can improve the quality and speed of your internet connection by moving your nbn service closer to where you use it most. This could be your home office, living room, or bedroom. A nbn relocation could reduce interference or signal loss caused by long cables, walls, or other obstacles.
  • You can enhance the aesthetics and safety of your home by hiding the nbn cables or equipment underground or inside walls. This can prevent tripping hazards, accidental damage, or vandalism. It can also make your home look neater and more modern.
  • You can increase the value and appeal of your home by having a well-positioned and functioning nbn service. This can attract potential buyers or tenants who are looking for fast and reliable internet access in their new home.

Get an nbn expert

Relocating your nbn service can be a worthwhile investment if you want to enjoy these benefits. However, you need to plan ahead and contact nbn as soon as possible to start the process. You may also need to check with your nbn provider if your current plan and speed are available at your new location. And remember, leave the nbn supplied equipment at your old location – do not take it with you.

For free advice on relocating your nbn service give Adelaide Communication Services a call on 08 8257 9127. We make nbn relocation easy!

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