How to Fix WiFi

Are you tired of dealing with dodgy WiFi connections and slow internet speeds? At Adelaide Communications our team of experts can fix WiFi issues and ensure that your internet connection is fast, stable and reliable.

No one enjoys a slow internet and it’s painful waiting for sites to fully load. We all want websites and portals to load quickly. At Adelaide Communication Services, we recognise that internet issues are a source of great frustration. This is why we aim to deliver prompt and dependable network support for all of your devices, not just PCs.

Fix WiFi Properly

Are you experiencing downtime or no internet? You might have issues with your network source or with the Wifi itself. Our staff is ready and able to fix WiFi and internet issues and restore you to your optimal networking capabilities. We are experts at identifying what is causing poor wifi connections and what to do to fix these issues.

WiFi Fix - wifi heat map


Wi-Fi signals are susceptible to being blocked and disrupted by a variety of building materials, including steel, concrete, water pipes and electrical devices. Concerns over coverage in the home might develop as a result of this.

If this happens, what steps can you do to improve the quality of the WiFi connection in your home? Get in touch with our team of Wi-Fi specialists; they can assist you in finding the optimal placement and addressing factors that are causing interference.

Router Location

At home, having a consistent internet connection is crucial and Wi-Fi’s unpredictability can be very frustrating. Even if you have a professional install your router you may still find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time watching your phone, laptop, or other devices streaming content that struggle to connect to the internet. This is a significant problem if you spend your weeks working from home! The location of your router can make a significant difference to the quality of your home Wi-Fi.

wifi router location
wifi solution - mesh wifi

Mesh Systems

Is there a particular spot in your home where the quality of the Wi-Fi connection is constantly bad or where it does not exist at all? Wi-Fi dead zones are common in homes that are larger in size, have unique floor plans or have brick walls on the interior. Not many people are aware that a wireless mesh network may be able to help alleviate this problem.

Wifi Booster

A Wi-Fi booster is an amplifier for your WiFi. A WiFi signal is extended by this device, which also creates a new point from which the signal radiates. Because you are amplifying a signal that is already weaker, we do not recommend that you use them. As the booster is pushed further away from the modem, the strength of the WiFi signal begins to degrade. Whatever you enhance is already weakened and will not get any stronger as a result of your efforts. The range of your WiFi signal will be expanded but the strength of the signal will be reduced.

dont use wifi extenders
wireless access points

WiFi Access Point

Hire a professional to set up a WAP device for you. Wireless Access Point, which can also be abbreviated as WAP, is another name for WiFi Access Point. It is a piece of hardware that transmits WiFi signals and is physically attached to your modem. Its primary function is to establish a connection to the internet. WAPs improves signal strength to its maximum potential and fixes any problems that may have been occurring with the WiFi connection because it is cabled to the modem. When you connect to the free WiFi in public places like cafes and shopping centres, you are in fact connecting to a WAP device.

Fix WiFi Properly

Repairing the WiFi connections in your house may be accomplished by having a professional install a WAP device. This is the strategy that we recommend. ACS is responsible for installing the cabling that connects your WAP and modem. We utilise commercial-grade WAP devices that are capable of transmitting a Wi-Fi signal beyond a distance of fifty metres, which is adequate for the great majority of homes.


We are able to connect a number of WAP devices together in order to cover a larger area (just the same way that they operate in retail malls), which makes them an excellent choice for campuses and multi-building sites!

wifi problems fixed

Receiving error warnings while attempting to connect to the internet? No need to worry. Adelaide Communication Services have the knowledge and abilities to resolve any networking difficulties. Before you rip out your hair in frustration over a sluggish internet connection, know that ACS can fix it. Pick up the phone and call us now – don’t be frustrated any more!